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About Us

The company X13-VSA Ltd. (www.Lie-Detection.com) is a small privately held security oriented company founded in 2001. The company is dedicated to developing advanced Voice Stress Analysis systems. X13-VSA Provide accurate, robust, and reliable security and truth verification products and solutions.

The X13-VSA technology is the most advanced Voice Stress Analysis system that has yet been produced to detect changes in human speech and the cheapest system in the world.

A person has psychological stress when he is under pressure. The consequences of lying and being exposed triggers a voice stress analyzer the high stress voice signature as a lie. Voice Stress Analysis records psychophysiological stress responses in a human voice. It is a technique used to tell if a person is lying or not by making voice analysis.

The computer voice stress analyzer X13-VSA (VSA) is sufficient to prove both validity and reliability. The X13-VSA technology is a scientific measure that many law enforcement use as a tool to tell when someone is lying and it has a 98 percent success rate.


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